(Melissa Blundo) – As two Republicans running in a Republican primary, my opponent – Assemblyman Greg Hafen – and I have similar positions on a number of issues.

The BIG difference is that while Greg and I may VOTE the same way on many issues, I’ll actually stand up and FIGHT for them.

But just so you know where I stand on the critical issue of election security…

A majority of voters, even Democrats, don’t believe our elections are being flawlessly conducted.  As Prof. Keith Naughton wrote this week…

“Only 26 percent of voters think the correct person won each of the last two Presidential elections, according to Rassmussen, with 52 percent of Democrats not thinking Trump legitimately won in 2016 (20 percent of independents) and 66 percent of Republicans thinking likewise about Biden (25 percent Independents).”

We must never allow such elections to take place in Nevada again by taking steps to assure voting fraud is harder to commit and easier to find.

Here are 7 proposals related to election security I’ll FIGHT for on your behalf if elected to represent you in the State Legislature…

1.) We must repeal automatic universal mail-in balloting.  Nevadans have always had the ability to vote by mail if they REQUEST to do so.  Ballots should never be mailed to people other than those who legally ask to be mailed a ballot.

2.) We must require voter ID.  Proving you are who you claim you are is NOT “voter suppression.”  If we can require ID to apply for food stamps or welfare benefits, cash a check, purchase alcohol, board a plane, rent a car or hotel room, pick up a prescription or open a bank account, we certainly can require ID to vote.

3.) We must audit the voter registration lists and clean them up to make sure only those who are legally allowed to vote are on the voter list.

4.) We must ban ballot harvesting to assure voters – especially the elderly – are able to cast their ballot privately with not even the hint of pressure, harassment or coercion.

5.) We must verify the citizenship of voters to make sure those who are living in our country, state and local communities illegally are not allowed to vote in our elections.

6.) We must put procedures in place that allow election observers complete, unimpeded access to the election process – both in casting votes and in counting them.

7.) We must discontinue same-day and automatic voter registration to give election officials sufficient time to verify that someone is legally able to cast a ballot BEFORE they cast a ballot.

Assemblyman Hafen may *say* he agrees with me on these proposals.  But again, the difference is…I’ll FIGHT for them.

And just so you know, at the time I sent out this email, the issue of “Election Security” wasn’t even listed on Greg’s campaign website!

You see, it’s never been a priority for him.  Even after the disastrous 2020 election.

But now that I’m running against him, watch Greg cynically become a “born again” election security advocate.  He might even post something about it on his website!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it should take a primary challenge to get a Republican representative to at least talk about such an important issue.  You deserve better.

Until next time…

Notable & Quotable

“Voting should not be a medieval gauntlet, but it should have appropriate safeguards. Deciding who should run our various governments is a critical act with far-reaching consequences. The priority should be to educate the public and ensure the integrity of the process, not to make it as easy as ordering a pizza.” – Keith Naughton, Ph.D., The Hill, 11/22/21

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  1. Add:
    1. Counties (especially Clark) must have Republicans as Team Captains. Now it’s almost, if not all, Democrats. They make final decisions at the polls on election day that allow disputed people to vote as well as other critial decisions . Recruiting Team Captains must start “yesterday” for 2024.
    2. Recuit poll workers, especially if they speak Spanish or other languages, and poll watchers. Harry Reid paid poll wathchers and mobilized them to move quickly from polling place to polling place to, among other things in past elections, find out how many more votes the Democrates needed and who had not voted yet to get the vote out. ( I’ve had first hand experience with this issue as a Republican poll watcher.)

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